There are 2 ways to participate

Instead of throwing food scraps in the trash, you will place them in a separate container.

By sorting food scraps, the amount of material that is sent to landfills is dramatically reduced, and can instead be used to create compost for community gardens and greening projects.

Reclaimed Organics travels by bike!

Reclaimed Organics travels by bike!

1. Compost Pickup

We pick up your food scraps from your home. 

Collection days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for East Village Residents only.

  • We ask that residential participants pay $15.00 a month to participate* (billed in advance for first 2 month trial)

  • We provide all necessary supplies, and pickups are done by bike.

Includes fruits, veggies, and other forms of organics like meat, dairy and more.

  • Organic waste will be collected in an airtight bucket that you keep in your home, and you will launch a fermentation process called Bokashi using supplies provided to you!

  • Bokashi is a Japanese form of composting that involves keeping the food scraps sealed in a 3 or 5 gallon bucket, and sprinkling a special kind of bran over the food as you fill up the bucket.

Fill out this quick survey to get started:


In collaboration with New York Compost Box, drop off your scraps on East 11th St.

This box is LOCKED!

This box is LOCKED!


This box is LOCKED!

You must watch this video if you wish to participate, and then contact us to receive the combination.

  • We ask that drop-off program participants volunteer at the garden for 3-5 hours every 6 months.

  • We will provide instructions when you sign up, and we ask that you follow the recommended procedures.



  • Compostable Bags. These bags are handy because you can tie them up when full, leave in the freezer if needed, and drop the entire bag into our collection bin. 

  • Countertop Bins. These make separating food scraps from the trash easy while cooking, they are small, and can be dumped into our collection bin.

  • Milk & Juice Cartons. Cutting an empty carton is an easy way to create a compost bin, it fits nicely in the refrigerator or freezer, and in some cases can be composted.

  • Plastic Bags. Grocery bags work because they’re so plentiful in NYC and fit easily in the freezer, but they are NOT compostable.

  • DIY with Newspaper! You can easily make a liner for your compost bin using newspaper, check out the video below.