Welcome to the

East Side Outside Community Garden

Open Hours: 

Sat/Sun 10am-4pm

Monday 10am-1pm

Tuesday 3pm-5pm

Wednesday 1-3, 5-6pm

Thursday 10-12, 1-2, 5-7pm

Friday 5pm-7pm


East Side Outside is a garden that serves the local community and the East Side Community School


The garden is owned by the NYC Department of Education, and has a joint operating agreement with the NYC Parks Dept. The Garden is a registered Green Thumb garden and we offer a free community compost drop-off (scroll down on our Residents page).

If you would like to get involved please email us at eastsideoutsidegarden@gmail.com. We are always seeking new members and community participation!

Click here to read the East Side Outside Community Garden Bylaws.


Member Expectations:

  1. $30 annual dues
  2. Attend 3 meetings per season
  3. Volunteer 40 hours per season
  4. Host open hours throughout the season
  5. Follow best management practices established by Garden

Garden Members: Enter your volunteer hours using this form


Curious about events at the garden? Check out our calendar below: 



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