Welcome to the

East Side Outside Community Garden

Open Hours: 

Saturday 10am-3pm

Sunday 10am-3pm

Wednesday 11am-1pm

Thursday 5pm-7pm

Friday 5pm-7pm

More open hours TBD


East Side Outside is a garden that serves the local community and the East Side Community School


The garden is owned by the NYC Department of Education, and has a joint operating agreement with the NYC Parks Dept. The Garden is a registered Green Thumb garden and we offer a free community compost drop-off (scroll down on our Residents page).

If you would like to get involved please click here or email us at eastsideoutsidegarden@gmail.com. We are always seeking new members and community participation!

Click here to read the East Side Outside Community Garden Bylaws.


Member Expectations:

  1. $30 annual dues
  2. Attend 3 meetings per season
  3. Volunteer 40 hours per season
  4. Host open hours throughout the season
  5. Follow best management practices established by Garden

Curious about events at the garden? Check out our calendar below: 

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