We've got seedlings for sale!

There are TWO WAYS to get your seedlings.

1. Pre-Order through our seedling CSA: use the form below to choose the plants you want, pay up, and pick up on a pre-determined day. 

2. Seedling Sale! (Think "bake sale", but without the fear of burnt cookies or nut allergies). We'll be set up at the East Side Outside Community Garden, 11th St b/w 1st and A (see map below).

  • Saturday May 14th 2016, 12pm-3pm

  • Monday-Friday May 16-20, 3:30pm-4:30pm


CSA PRE-ORDER: please use the form below

We will email you after your submission

3 for $11

5 for $17

10 for $29

SEEDLING SALE: please visit us at the garden on the dates listed above!

$4 per pot

available seedlings:

Check back periodically! We've got lots of little plants and types of food crops growing strong in the garden, and will be updating this page and the pre-order form. 

Quantities are limited!

csa pre-order form:

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