Compost Pickup Services

The program operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for East Village Residents only.

  • We ask that residential participants pay $15.00 a month to participate* (billed in advance for first 2 month trial)

  • Each pilot participant will select their day, a specific pickup time, and specify a designated location where food scraps will be left for collection

  • You can select a consistent time for pickups and we will send you a reminder text when we are on our way

  • Pickups are done by determined volunteers on bike (with a trailer attached)

There are 2 ways to participate

Instead of throwing food scraps in the trash, you will place them in a separate container, like other recyclables.

By sorting food scraps, the amount of material that is sent to landfills is dramatically reduced, and instead used to create compost for local community gardens and greening projects.


Includes only fruit and vegetables, with weekly pickup. Participation involves separating food scraps from the garbage, collecting them in a bin of your choice.

You Can Collect Food Scraps In…

  • Compostable Bags. These bags are handy because you can tie them up when full, leave in the freezer if needed, and drop the entire bag into our collection bin. 

  • Countertop Bins. These make separating food scraps from the trash easy while cooking, they are small, and can be dumped into our collection bin.

  • Milk & Juice Cartons. Cutting an empty carton is an easy way to create a compost bin, it fits nicely in the refrigerator or freezer, and in some cases can be composted.

  • Plastic Bags. Grocery bags work because they’re so plentiful in NYC and fit easily in the freezer, however they are not compostable.

  • DIY with Newspaper! You can easily make a liner for your compost bin using newspaper, check out the video below.


Includes fruits, veggies, and other forms of organics like meat, dairy and more, with bi-monthly pickup. Organic waste will be collected in a bucket, and a special bran added, creating a fermenting process called Bokashi Composting.

  • Bokashi is a Japanese form of composting that involves keeping the food scraps sealed in a 3 or 5 gallon bucket, and sprinkling a special kind of bran (called EM-1) over the food, used to aid the fermenting process. Both will be supplied to you.


*Money used to cover costs of the pilot including supplies, insurance, and operating expenses