Reclaimed Organics

Reclaimed Organics was started in the East Village by neighborhood members committed to sustainability at home and in the community. 

The program was founded on the knowledge that properly addressing our organic waste stream is a fundamental piece of creating sustainable urban communities.

Reclaimed Organics is a local, decentralized way for individuals to take an active role in recycling organics in their community.

By providing convenient pickup by bicycle, with local consolidation and processing at community gardens, we further reduce the impact that trucking trash normally has on our local community and greater environment - this is called: Closing the Loop.

Program Supporters

Our program operates with the help and support of other like-minded, local organizations. Through their dedication, Reclaimed Organics has space to grow and the resources to do so.

Community Gardens

The food scraps collected during the pilot are processed locally at a community garden in the East Village. The finished compost will be used around the community in local greening projects. While the program itself will provide evidence that a local, decentralized approach to compost collection and processing is possible in NYC.


Learn more the garden!

14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y provides community outreach and support for the pilot venture, as one of the most community-oriented and sustainably-focused organizations in the neighborhood.

Learn more about the Y.

Common Ground Compost

Common Ground is an NYC organization dedicated to the reorganization of composting and waste management in NYC. Providing sustainable solutions for urban environments through education, innovation, and community involvement.

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